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make group brainstorming better and more engaging using online software

what's hivenamix for?

Discussions, Workshops and Coursework

Collaborate with your colleagues, clients or students to formulate strategies, make decisions, solve problems, or plan for change using proven and custom frameworks. Export agreed priorities to your preferred MIS.

Reusable Library of Management Tools

Reuse any of the templates made available for you to start collaborating with others, and convert your repeatable discussions and workshops into custom templates and reuse them many times in the future.

why use it?

Reduce time, effort and cost


Invite people to join in person or online, same time or anytime. Cut on stationery, rapidly capture and evaluate ideas, and easily manage large groups.

Manage conflict and complexity


Breakdown activities, structure divergence and convergence approach, use multi criteria for analysis, and manage different stakeholder priorities.

Engage and build ownership


Minimize barriers to participation, and get stakeholders to buy into the process and results. Evaluate ideas not persons, and curb groupthink and dominant voices.


hivenamix is the ideal software to manage complex workshops

Workshops can have large number of participants discussing simple topics (e.g. a distributed team discussing their SWOT), few participants discussing complex topics (e.g. a small group designing product value proposition), or in many cases can have both ways of complexity (e.g. a large organisation discussing their 3-year strategy). Regardless of the nature of complexity, hivenamix is designed to turn complex workshops and discussions into being highly organised and engaging.

how it's done!

Structure the Discussion


  • Select frameworks to build shared understanding and reach shared conclusions.
  • Use PESTEL, SWOT, BSC and other frameworks from the hivenamix library, or build your own.

Design the Activities


  • Build your workshop script using a sequence of group activities and their instructions.
  • Use brainstorming, brainwriting, role playing, voting, multi criteria rating, anonymity and other facilitation methods.
  • Load questionnaires and initial data.

Conduct the Workshop


  • Invite participants to join in person or online, same time or in their own time.
  • Work together to capture ideas, surface agreements, and assign action owners.
  • Export results to your preferred PPM, CPM, EA or other systems.


Deliver Fast


Enable agile decision making and reduce workshop duration through rapid collaboration and less administrative burden.

Deliver Well


Use structured approach, build rapport with stakeholders, and track outcomes to increase chances for success during execution.

Deliver Consistently


Use standard templates and integrated outcomes, vertically and horizontally, to govern methods and outcomes across facilitators, departments and workshops.


Christian Garmann Johnsen, Assistant Professor, Copenhagen Business School


“The platform enabled 30 individuals to share, evaluate and prioritise a set of strategy options within a very short space of time .. Overall, I was impressed with the potential of the platform as a major enabler for productive strategy work, and also as an aid to effective management education.”

Maria McGill, Chief Executive, Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS)


 "Over 1,200 stakeholders including children, young people, families, staff, volunteers and employees as well as external stakeholders were invited to participate in the customised strategy process for CHAS. Using technology was highly effective in managing stakeholder input giving a deeper data set for analysis and implementation." 

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